Lighting by LED installers retrofitting fluorescent fixtures with LED lights

Bringing You All of the Benefits of LED Lighting Technology
By Rebuilding – Not Replacing – Your Existing Light Fixtures

If you’re looking to reap the valuable financial and operational benefits of LED lighting technology in your commercial or industrial facility, look no further than Lighting by LED.  We’re your exclusive source for turnkey LED lighting solutions that deliver lower operating costs, better lighting and other significant benefits by quickly and economically rebuilding—not replacing—your existing light fixtures.

Our customers typically realize annual energy savings of 40 to 70%

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Our customized solutions leverage the most advanced LED lighting technology to deliver dramatic increases in energy-efficiency over your existing fluorescent or high-bay (HID) light fixtures. Lighting by LED can reduce your lighting costs considerably, with our customers typically realizing annual energy savings of 40 to 70 percent. Additionally, retrofitting your existing light fixtures with Lighting by LED solutions can make your business eligible for various utility rebates.

Decrease Your Maintenance Expenses

Lighting by LED solutions can be quickly and economically integrated into most existing fluorescent or high-bay (HID) light fixtures. With no ballasts to replace, your rebuilt LED light fixtures virtually eliminate the maintenance requirements associated with traditional light fixtures. Adding to your savings, while fluorescent tubes and HID light bulbs have an average lifespan of 8,000 to 10,000 hours, Lighting by LED lights are designed to last 50,000 hours, so the need to replace traditional bulbs or tubes is reduced by four, five or even six times with Lighting by LED solutions.

Improve Your Lighting Quality

Retrofitting your existing fluorescent or high-bay (HID) light fixtures with Lighting by LED solutions will improve the quality of lighting throughout your facility. Our LED lighting solutions produce a more appealing and comfortable light to create a safer and healthier work environment. It also results in a more well-lit facility, which leads to greater productivity, quality control, improved product appeal and a wide range of secondary benefits, such as reduced air-conditioning costs due to less heat being generated by your LED light fixtures.

Rely on Our Experts

When you rely on Lighting by LED to meet your lighting needs, you benefit from partnering with the experts who have an exclusive focus on retrofitting LED lighting solutions into existing indoor light fixtures. Our unique expertise and unparalleled experience enable us to customize the optimal LED lighting solution that will deliver the greatest savings, best lighting and longest lifespan in your specific situation.

Realize a Rapid Return on Your Investment

In addition to all of the other benefits, retrofitting your existing fluorescent or high-bay (HID) light fixtures with Lighting by LED solutions delivers a rapid return on your investment. The more hours per day you operate your lights, the more quickly your project will pay for itself. In fact, on average, Lighting by LED customers that operate their facilities 24/7 realize a full Return on Investment (ROI) in less than two years.